President’s Message


Art Villacete

It is with warmth and goodwill that I welcome students and interested friends to Toronto Health School. The 16 years of existence of the School has been fulfilling in terms of the empowering impact that it has shared with its clientele and students as well as their families. I am so happy to receive emails as well as calls or even just accidentally meet with alumni who share with me their gratitude to the School and its Faculty. They are now practicing, registered, Personal Support Workers located across Canada and the United States. It is very fulfilling to be part of the enabling of persons and their future.

The year ahead brings new and positive changes to the School. These because we want to be responsive to the dynamic and challenging changes that the social and economic demographic sector of the Canadian society and specifically the Ontario community brings. The demands for health care that the “boomers” carry with them now and for the next ten to fifteen years has to be met. As an educational institution, I believe that we play a vital role in helping address these needs.


Graduates rejoice as they complete their training at THS.

Thus at Toronto Health School we endeavor to further excel and be at the cutting edge of training health care workers, specifically the Personal Support Worker. We have stepped up our training another notch. I invite all those who are hoping to further their careers in Health Care to look into our new line up of faculty and staff. Altogether, we have more than 30 years of academic, clinical and management experience. They have, not only the expertise but the passion for empowering lives through education.

I wish you all well as you explore ways to improve your lives through education and I hope you allow us at Toronto Health School to partner with you.


Arthur Villacete
President & CEO